My Wife Is Emotionally Detached! How to Address This Now

By | January 15, 2019

Your marriage is a shell of what it used to be. This is the same issue that many men have to work their way through as they begin to realize that their wife isn’t the same partner she used to be. She’s not as bright and cheery, she’s less apt to make plans for the future and your wife is emotionally detached. You often feel as though you are living with a complete stranger and it’s painful, to say the least. You feel as though there’s a divide between the two of you that you just can’t cross on your own. I know it’s disheartening and confusing. You worry over what the future will bring and whether the emotional distance you feel now is only going to get worse and worse.

If your wife is emotionally detached, it’s not productive to accuse her of not caring about you. Many men do this only because their emotions are so close to the surface and they feel overwrought. They lash out at their wives because they sense that she’s just given up.

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That’s not what has happened at all. Actually, many women who seemed to be emotionally distant are actually struggling with issues of their own and they feel so weighed down by those issues that they can’t effectively communicate or even interact with their husbands.

Before you can help your wife you really need to take some time to try and identify what has happened that may have caused her to withdraw into herself. There are, of course, some highly emotional issues that can make a woman retreat including if her partner has an affair or if she is confronted with the death of someone close to her, such as a sibling or a parent. In these cases, depression may be a contributing factor to her increasingly solemn moods and if that’s the case, it’s important that you encourage her to discuss her mood with a medical professional. Suggesting that she confides in her personal physician about her feelings of sadness will help you both in the long run.

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