My Wife Wants to Leave Me! Steps to Take Now to Change Her Mind

By | January 15, 2019

You could never have imagined years ago that your marriage would turn out like this. How did you and your wife go from enjoying a loving, happy marriage to being on the bitter edge of destruction? You can’t answer that because frankly you’re just not sure, are you? Your wife has declared that she’s unhappy and is considering leaving the marriage. You’re dumbstruck. You have absolutely no idea what to do to save the relationship. You likely even wonder whether it can be saved or not.

It’s important for a man in your position to understand that a situation like the one you’re currently in can be viewed one of two ways. You can see it as the last step towards inevitable divorce or you can view it as a reawakening of the deep emotionally charged connection you and your wife once shared. The latter sounds much better, doesn’t it?

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Open a Dialogue with Your Wife About the Current State of Your Marriage

You can’t work towards fixing your marriage if you aren’t fully aware of what your wife views as the underlying problem. You may feel that your wife has just fallen out of love with you, and it’s possible that may be the case. You won’t know until you sit down with the woman you married and have the difficult conversation that will begin the healing process.

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