Great Ideas for Girls Parties

By | January 15, 2019

Some of the popular theme parties for girls include fairy parties, pajama parties, princess parties, doll parties, teddy bear parties and the traditional tea parties. The ideas below will help you to plan parties for little girls and teenagers.

Great Ideas for Girls Parties

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Let’s start with the ideas for two year olds. You will not have any problems in deciding on a theme, because most toddlers love to dress up like their favorite Dora the Explorer or Disney fairy princess characters. You cannot go wrong if you plan a fairy party with beautiful princess costume and matching accessories such as a crown and artificial jewelry. A good idea is to have the little girls come to the party in princess costumes as well. There is no need to worry about finding the right party supplies as many online stores have a wide selection of items for princess theme party.

The next idea is for a 5 year old birthday party. For this party, you need to plan along with the birthday girl. Ensure that she is involved with all the preparation from choosing the invitation cards, theme, decoration, activities to the cake and food. A good example for a themed birthday party would be a pajama tea party. In this case, you would decorate the room with colorful tea items and stuffed animals to match the chosen theme. The little girls could watch movies in their pajamas while you hand out fluffy pillows or teddy bears as party favors.

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